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Our experts


  • Anna Chaińska a Spa and wellness specialist
  • Spa and wellness enthusiast. For over six years she has been firmly involved in the branch. The graduate of training specialization WWiFF of the Technical University in Opole, Spa and wellness manager on postgraduate studies at the WSTiH in Gdańsk and modern marketing at the WSB in Gdańsk. She possesses a rich practice in the field of massage, ayurveda , beauty and health (fitness) and professional beauty treatments.
    As a Spa therapist she gained experience during work in the centres in Poland and Portugal. In the field of professional beauty treatments she trained with the world class producers in France and Holland. For over two  years she worked also as a brand manager for the well-known brands of professional cosmetics in Poland. Experienced in the field of Spa services marketing. The trainer in various techniques of relaxation and client service in Spa. For a few years she has been specializing in the promotion of cosmetic product.

  • Barbara Chrzan a webdesigner
  • An expert in the field of IT, computer graphics and www sites design. The graduate of WSNHiD in Poznań. For several years the proprietor of the firm ipProject. She possesses a range of experiences in her branch as well as in the field of marketing, especially advertising and promotion on the Internet. The initiator of many names and logotypes of firms which have been successful. Her domain is innovative solutions and always interesting ideas.

  • Andrzej Nawrot a physiotherapy and kinesiotaping expert
  • Physiotherapist, masseur, kinesiotaping specialist. For over eight years in the profession. For a few years the owner and main therapist of the firm RehAN. He is characterized by steadfastness and unique approach to the patient. On his scorecard he has amazing results in the field of improvement, rehabilitation and dynamic plastering. The graduate in physiotherapy at the SPZ in Podkowa Leśna. The participant of numerous professional courses, among other thing in the field of kinesiotaping, stabilization of limbs and movement compensation. Experience he achieved in hospitals, doctor’s offices and physiotherapeutic treatment rooms in Warszawa, Pokowa Leśna and Poznań. More than once main physiotherapist of sport teams from Poland and abroad.

    SIMA - sculptor’s and stuccoist’s firm
  • Henryk Korbański a sculptor, owner of the firm
  • Michał Korbański a stuccoist, expert in decorative coating, proxy of the firm
  • The firm specializes in designing and interior arrangement, plaster moulding, renovation of monuments elevations, decorative coatings, ORAC decor.